We provide a range of services for Apple Mac users, including repair, support and comprehensive consultancy advice.  Effective and efficient solutions to all your Apple Mac requirements are guaranteed by our experienced and qualified technicians, who will get the product back to you within a guaranteed time frame, in accordance with your requirements and in perfect working order.

We have a diagnostic service at our computer repair London section for Apple Mac machines that have gone out of warranty at a standard fee, and thereafter should it be found that new parts are needed we will provide a quote for these plus any additional labour costs before you decide whether or not to go ahead with the repairs.

Our basic installation services include cloning of the hard drive, data backups onto internal and external drives, graphics cards, RAM and processor upgrades as well as many other replacements, services and upgrades.  Have a chat with our technical team for the full list and costs.

We will also be happy to conduct a health check on any of your Mac computers to make sure that they are functioning optimally.  Over a period of time and with heavy usage, all computers are liable to perform less well, and our health check will restore your machine to optimal performance.  We will diagnose and fix any hardware and software issues and update the operating system and other programs if necessary, and carry out full tests before getting the kit back to you as good as new.