Same Day… Actually Right Now! Remote Desktop Support

We would call this instant but hey we’re not a super heros. However, we’re pretty darn close to it when it comes to computer repair for our customers!

While You Wait: Literally!

We’ll “remote” into your computer right now, with your permission and total control of course. Think about this, in the time that it would take you to climb under your desk, disconnect your computer from the wall (sneeze and wipe your nose from the dust) and bring the heavy thing out to your car we’ll already be “in your machine” virtually diagnosing the issue and solving your problems for you. Computer problems only, let’s not go over board, you still have to do the dishes from dinner.

Times Have Changed…

Yes, and even we admit that it wasn’t all that long ago that we had no choice but to make a “service call” in person to our customers location. They would call us, makean appointment, then they would need to be sure to be home to meet us in person. Don’t get us wrong, they were happy to do so as our support is top notch. There just wasn’t an efficient way to log into a machine remotely to make repairs. But as the old saying goes “times, they are a changin”.

So don’t feel bad if you’re hesitating, or have never heard of this type of service. We’re here to assure you and answer any questions that you may have about the process. So give us a call and be one of the first on your block to “go remote” with us!

Download & Give us a Call…

Here’s how it works, just call us a Monday through Sunday, translation 24 hours, 7 days a week.